Why does Sugar make me feel bad?

We've all heard that famous phrase, 'blood sugar' but for a lot of people sugar impacts them more than just making them feel a bit more energised. In many cases sugar can leave us feeling a bit 'meh' and if you've ever gone to a party and spent the night drinking vodka mixed with coke then you'll know better than most that the sugar is just as likely to leave you feeling sketchy as the alcohol itself! 

Part of the reason that some people don't tolerate sugar well is because of the after effects, 'the crash'. You've just had a piece of cake or a coffee with two spoonfuls of sugar and two hours later you're pinned to the floor and unable to move. 

Sugar intake causes the pancreas to release insulin but this impacts the body in other ways too. Firstly it can make your skin a bit more oily or prone to spots which is quite a famously discussed issue with sugars but for a lot of people they eat and constantly feel like a nap straight after or can't sleep at night which are less commonly talked about and significantly less fun. 

The trouble is that it can turn into a vicious cycle - you eat sugar, feel momentarily great, then crash and so start associating the positive feelings in your day with the sugar highs and can easily get addicted. 

What's the solution? 

A lot of people try Chromium and CInnamon in combination to curb their sugar cravings. 

Perhaps once you recognise the cycle you can use willpower to try and combat the cycle. 

Product Blue by HANG=OVER would also help with this issue potentially. Refined sugar can cause oxidative stress in the body and our ingredients can work effectively to help combat this and allow you to live a healthier lifestyle without giving up all the things you love. 

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