Product Blue by HANG=OVER Explained

Here at HANG=OVER HQ, we like to talk. When we were formulating our product we spent hours talking about all the ingredients which we wanted to include in our formula to make sure it was the best in the market and worked for as many people as possible. 

We think that living a hectic lifestyle can result in a few downers for most people and they can be any of the following: 


1. The headache

Headaches are not normal. They feel like your brain has shrunk into a pea sized needle which is flying about and poking your persistently. It's super uncomfortable and nothing makes it go away. 

3. The inability to function

Basic tasks are a stretch too far . What's 8+3? I'll tell you tomorrow, if that's ok. You can't even drag your sorry self to the TV to watch Netflix because you can't muster up the focus to concentrate for more than 8 seconds. Ever since Twitter increased their character limit even that is simply asking too much. 

2. Feeling like death

You know what we mean. That "eugh" feeling. The what did I do that to myself last night feeling. The feeling that you literally couldn't have made any worse decisions if your life depended on it.

If you didn't notice that we didn't label our reasons in the correct order then you're exhausted or hungover and reading this right now. If you've got this far with a hangover then you're our hero and a God among mere mortals. 

So how does Product Blue by HANG=OVER fix your problems? We realised that all these issues came down to the basics of living life to excess. 

1. The headache is a response to toxin intake, whether it's sugar, tobacco, alcohol or any other poison. Focussing on that last one as an example, alcohol dehydrates your brain, causing it to shrink. This explains why it feels so nasty but we used ingredients to keep your body fluids regulated so that this doesn't happen the morning after.  

2. The inability to function is partly because of that headache which you don't have anymore, it's also partly because when you're tired physically you end up struggling to also cope with basic mental problems. Our ingredients protect your body from the 2am Tequilla shots so you wake up not feeling like someone punched you in the stomach repeatedly at the part of the night where you blacked out a little. 

3. That deathly feeling is because you voluntarily kept ingesting toxins. Thankfully HANG=OVER protects your liver and boosts your body's ability to process alcohol. 

Sometimes it seems too good to be true. But if you don't believe us then it's definitely time to try HANG=OVER for yourself! 

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